A “GREEN” Solution To the Harmful Effects Of The Sun

We believe in natural lighting. However, too much light can cause serious problems. Heat buildup, glare, higher energy costs and fading are just a few of the harmful effects caused by the sun. By utilizing window film on your existing windows, you can make them more energy efficient while reducing these damaging and wasteful problems. Additional benefits include:

Window Film reduces HVAC & Electrical costs.

     By reducing the heat entering the building as well as the harsh glare which causes blinds to

    be closed and artificial light to be used.


Window Film can keep as much as 77% of the summers heat out!

   Window Film reflects and absorbs heat from sun.


Window Film helps control glare!

   Our Film reflects and/or absorbs harsh visible light minimizing the need for artificial lighting,

   eye strain and more.


Window Film helps reduce fading of carpets, drapes & furnishings… Improve interior longevity!

   By screening out UV, Heat and Visible light… the three main reasons for fading.


Window Film keeps up to 20% of the heat in during winter months!

   Metal deposition of the film reflects radiant heat back into the room.


Window Film helps to reuse current windows.

   By increasing their efficiency, hiding some possible imperfections & creating a consistent

   appearance from the exterior.


Window Films make glass more Shatter Resistant!

   All films protect to some degree. ‘Protekt’ films meet the federal safety glass standard ANSI  

   Z97.1 for impact criteria.


Window Films are produced locally!

  MADICO’s manufacturing facility is located in Woburn, Massachusetts


For more info contact Trek Glass Tinting at 610-543-4343


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