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Sun, Glare & Fade Control for Your Home
Go Green with Trek Window Tinting for Homes in Delaware County PA
Go Green
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Trek Glass Tinting can protect your furnishing from fading and at the same time help protect our planet by making your home more energy efficient - reducing the use of fossil fuels. 

If your home has glass that allows the sun in, your furnishings are under attack and deteriorating right before your eyes.  But you won't see it until it's too late.

Just move a chair and look for yourself!  The discoloration is the beginning of deterioration.  For antiques, art work, or pictures, the damage is often irreversible and unrepairable. 

Just like your skin needs sun screen to filter out the damaging (ultra violet) rays, your windows need sun screen to protect your home and all it’s valuable and precious belongings.   

Even with curtains or blinds, if you open them only an hour a day, the damage is occurring.  And what is protecting them?  Curtains and blinds can be a significant expense and the take the full brunt of the sun!

You can protect your home, make it more energy efficient, add extra security, and make it Green compliant with Window Tint from Trek Glass Tinting. 

Damage caused by short term exposure to the sun

  • Save $$ on your Electric Bill

  • Year round insulation for your windows

  • Greatly reduces fading of furniture, carpet, draperies, etc.

  • Reduces glare without reducing the light you enjoy

  • Enhances the appearance of your home

  • Excellent for skylights & high windows where blinds are not practical

  • Does not distort view - actually enhances it

  • Makes your home Green (energy efficient)

  • Adds Security - Turns ordinary windows into Security Glass

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